Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Adam Wainwright, STL

I doubt many people, if any, saw this Sexy Opponent of the Series coming. I am in no way a huge follower of the St. Louis Cardinals, but when I do watch them, I definitely keep my eye out for this guy. If you haven’t already seen this pattern setting itself up for the remainder of the season, I give you…

Adam Wainwright, P
St. Louis Cardinals #50

My great affinity for pitchers continues this series with Adam Wainwright. The 28-year-old native Georgian signed a letter of intent to play at Georgia Tech, much like our last Hottie David Wright (I’m still cooling off from that post!). He was drafted in 2000 by his hometown team, the Atlanta Braves, and skipped college to take the opportunity. In 2003 he became a Cardinal, and has been with the team ever since, making his ML debut on September 11, 2005. On the very first pitch of his very first at-bat, he blasted a home run against the Giants Noah Lowry – just the 22nd batter ever to do so (and the 11th ever in the National League). He began his career as a reliever, then a closer who went on to win the World Series with the team in 2006. In 2007, he became a starting pitcher.

Unfortunately for us, Adam is off limits. He’s married to Jenny, and lives in the off-season in St. Simons, GA with his two little girls. He’s my typical Hottie – gorgeous eyes, dark hair, tall, built, looks good with scruff, and looks great in a uniform!  He’s already a World Champion, a husband, and a father and that all adds to his hotness total.

If you want to check Adam out more, you can catch him pitching tonight against our Phillies (he looks even better in person). But if you can’t catch the game or its highlights, check out the pictures below to see what I mean!

Always a nice view...!

An oldie but goodie!


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